Smoking Slippers


{Clockwise from top left: Jane Winkworth for French Sole, Aldo, Jane Winkworth for French Sole, River Island, Topshop, River Island & Topshop}

One if my goals for this year was to wear heels more often, a goal that I've spectacularly failed at accomplishing already. I wear flats all the time (for work, to drive in etc) unless it's somewhere special, but my (ballet flat) shoe game is incredibly poor and I seriously need to step it up.

I've had my eye's on smoking slippers for a few months now, and at first I couldn't get my head around wearing house slippers outside, but I've seen some really pretty pairs lately-ponyskin, studded, and I've got to have a pair. I want a black pair first with my logo embroidered on them.



So I'm still working on this collection, and here's another garment I've made.


I've made quite a few garments, but I want to use them as content for the blog which is why I've spread the posts out. I've used my coverstitch machine to double topstitch the hem, neckline and armholes. However, there's something wrong with either the machine or my ability to thread it up and it keeps skipping which is why if you look closely at the picture on the right there's loose thread where it's jumped a couple of stitches.
I also can't topstitch straight when it comes to jersey but I'm planning on remaking this and I will probably just incorporate facings to keep the edges neat.

If you're wondering why it looks so creased, it's because after it was used, I threw it in a corner then remembered later on in the day to photograph it. Of course I was too lazy to iron it, but you can tell it's a dress right?

I actually dislike sewing, but I enjoy watching people do it and make it look so effortless. I've spent the best part of today watching 'Signe Chanel' (it's on Youtube) and it's motivated me enough to get back to sewing tomorrow.


Head to Toe Black

Black Glamour

I tumblr'd this image a while ago, but whilst looking through Jennifer Le's blog, it brought it back to my consciousness.

I don't know why I love it but Total, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Da Brat look so "Badass" and one day I will have to recreate this image, hopefully with these ladies:
The 6


STRUT VISAGE: Tom Ford Beauty

tom ford

I remember seeing the preview of this campaign and could not wait until they were fully released. I love the make up and how it's reminiscent of 90's beauty campaigns and editorials. These mix of colours are hardly seen these days and if they are, they aren't always executed very well, but Tom Ford NEVER disappoints!
(I would love to see Mr Ford take on the blue eyeshadow and red lips look)

tom ford

tom ford

Strut Style


1. Drop earrings with stone-ASOS 2.Origami pleated deco clip on earrings-ASOS 3. Enamel deco drop earrings-TOPSHOP 4. Hammered with pearls door knocker earrings-ASOS 5. Coin and shield drop earrings-ASOS 6. Lion door knocker earrings-TOPSHOP 7.Lion door knocker earrings-ASOS 8.Tusk drops earrings-TOPSHOP

The key items in my wardrobe are my biker jacket(s) and my hoop earrings (or "Slave Earrings" if you write for Vogue Italia *rolls eyes*). My cheekbones are almost non existent so I guess I use large earrings to fill up that space, but as I wear them pretty much everyday, it becomes difficult for me to look different for special occasions and nights out.

As well as already owning a few, I have been seeing a lot of statement/doorknocker earrings in shops and online and I want to introduce them to my wardrobe to lift my look. I thought about using said earrings strictly for special occasions and nights out, but Joan Collins has been gracing my TV screens a lot recently (LOVE her) and I've now decided to mix them in with my everyday wardrobe as well, a la Rihanna:
Rihanna in Capri
Rihanna in Capri

My favourites are 1, 2, 5 and 7 and when I get paid I'm hoping I'll have enough spare cash to buy them-earrings (and shoes) are the only things I can't make myself.

Are you feeling statement earrings? Or is it a no for you?




So I'm currently in the process of making another collection. I've started making but I'm so fickle, and keep changing what direction it is that I want to go in that I kind of need to start making all over again.

I'm not going to talk too much about the collection, but I will say that this jacket was supposed to be a Varsity Jacket inspired one. The choice of fabric was wrong, and I definitely think that it looks much better shaped to the body (see right). You live. You learn. So when/if I remake this I will be rectifying those issues. I should probably photograph it on myself as it looks much better on a person, but getting someone to photograph me is an ordeal I'd rather do without.

Which do you prefer? loose (left) or shaped (right)?