{Art} Patrick Nagel

Patrick Nagel was an American artist whose style was influenced by Art Deco. His style of simplifying and removing unnecessary elements made his work stand out and also resulted in his style being replicated for the now infamous(?) beauty salon posters.
nails beauty shop signs

People often call the beauty salon knock off's cheap and tacky, and I suppose they are, but I love them. They make me feel nostalgic. So many memories come flooding back when I see both the knock off's and the works of Nagel-one of them being watching Robert Palmer's 'Addicted To Love' video and being in complete awe of the Palmer Girls. His work also still looks current, and I love how fashion appears to play such a big role in his work-whether that was intentional or not.
Seeing Nagel's work make me really want to start painting again. I haven't put brush to canvas in over 2yrs ( a long time for a creative like me) but I've now got the urge to recreate a Nagel inspired piece.



vogue paris

It's the strangest thing, about a week ago I was looking at Steven Meisel's 'Cuba' and then yesterday morning, I come across Mert & Marcus' "Canicule" an homage to Steven Meisel's editorial. Cuba has to be one of my favourite editorials as it is one of a few that I remember seeing whilst growing up.
The original obviously trumps this one, but although it's a highly sexualised editorial, I do love this modern take on 'Cuba' and the edgy styling and the bold pops of colour.

I'll try to post 'Cuba' later on in the week


Dream Collabo

Custom Hermes Vans

When I saw these Hermes Vans on my tumblr dashboard I immediately began to think of ways to fund the soon to be new addition to my shoe collection. Then I saw that the Vans were custom made for Robert Verdi and my bubble was burst.

Hermes scarves have long been an clothing inspiration for many other designers, so it's nice to see how well such a classic can bring life to a casual footwear brand such as Vans, and would love it if Hermes and Vans went ahead and did a collaboration.

If they ever decide to do such a thing for the masses, I do hope the make Hermes ballet pumps. They would look amazing.




I haven't been on a shopping spree in a long time.
I have no money
So in a bid to torture myself I've been e-window shopping, and here's just some of the items in my basket that I will be deleting.

I'm yet to wear a maxi skirt, but it's only a matter of time before I do. I'm 5'3" so I hope it doesn't swamp me, but if it does, I will be taking on the mini accordion pleat skirt.
Now Topshop's jeans never disappoint, and their new Jamie jeans that come in a range of colours are really doing it for me at the moment and I think they will look great with some stacked heels from Asos.




First we saw Elle MacPherson sporting big hair, then it was Cheryl Cole and by the next morning, Sarah-Jessica Parker was rocking the look as well. Apparently, big hair is back, but for me, big hair never went out. You see, if you have a head as big as mine and as much hair as I do, big hair is an every day thing and I’ve been tumblr-ing images of big hair since forever (well, since last year).

Is big hair a do or a don’t for you?

Tank top - H&M, Cargo jeans - H&M, Shoes - New Look, Bag - Topshop

It's a pretty lackluster look for my first outfit post but then again I wasn't planning on taking pictures... it just happened.


A New Chapter

So my blog turned a year older (It’s 3 years old) last Saturday and although I didn’t have the time to do a post acknowledging this on the day I did take the time to reassess what the purpose of my blog was. Having figured out the direction I want to take this blog in, I realised that the old blog was way too chaotic and messy to continue with which has lead to me starting a new site featuring hopefully more personalised posts in the form of DIY posts, collections I’m making and projects I’m working on.

The old blog is still there if you would like to look back on any of my old posts, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy what Strut Mode v2 has to offer.