That's One Expensive Uniform


Blazer-Stella McCartney // Shirt-ADAM // Skirt-ACNE // Watch-Michael Kors // Clutch-Miu Miu // Pumps-Jimmy Choo // Earrings-Alex Monroe // Ring-YSL // Brooch-Dolce & Gabbana

I look back on my school uniform and constantly wish I wore it better which is why when this time of year comes around, I tend to do collages of an ideal uniform (or lavish uniform in this case).


Dear Topshop... II

Your footwear department is killing me right now. First you bring out the Ambush boot which I couldn't afford, and when I could, it was sold out and now you've gone and brought out the 'Athletic' trainer wedge-which yet again, I can't afford. Thanks.


DIY: Clutch

{American Apparel Clutch}

I know a lot of people (myself included) that want/wanted the American Apparel clutch but just couldn't justify spending £46 on what quite frankly is an oversized pencil case. I was tempted to buy it once, then snapped out of that moment of madness and remembered that I could sew my own at a fraction of the price.

I wanted to make a clutch like this as a leaving present for a friend of mine, but I wanted to make it a bit different so it wasn't just another pencil case and after wandering around one of my favourite haberdashery shops, I decided upon making something slightly different:

I'm making more as I want one for myself, but I'm thinking about doing different styles and putting them up for sale on the Strut Mode Shop, so keep looking out for that.


Let's Get Married

kate moss

If you know me, you know that weddings did not interest me AT ALL, but 2011 has been a weird year with all kinds of weird, and wonderful happening so I'm not even fazed by my sudden interest in tying the knot.

First, seeing Kate Middleton in her wedding dress gives me the urge to get married and for the first time I actually thought of what I would wear if I ever do get married, and now seeing Kate Moss's wedding pictures in the September issue of Vogue has me looking weddings differently.Photobucket
I still think a lot of weddings are boring and samey (some are just plain tacky) and I wish people would try to inject more character into their nuptial's. Kate Moss's wedding had personality; it was rock & roll in an understated way and the way we look at Mick & Bianca Jagger's wedding is the same we will be looking at Kate Moss and Jamie Hince's wedding in a few years time.


The Chelsea Boot

chelsea boot
{Topshop // Kat Maconie // H&M // Ganni Fiona // River Island // ASOS // Carvela}

My earliest memory of the Chelsea boots were the not so cute pair a boy in my class at primary school used to wear. Even when I look at them now I think of the pair he wore. However, the Chelsea boot has been upgraded, and the new styles will make a great staple for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

I've got my eye on the River Island pair would be perfect for day-to-day wear, and if my budget would stretch to it, the Kat Maconie pair would be even better for carrying the look into the night.

First and Forever

Autumn is creeping upon us slowly and with the stores are already stocking Autumn/Winter collections, I can't help but think about what my Winter wardrobe is going to look like.
One of the trends for this winter is the Mod/Heritage trend and whilst the post on said trend is pending (it's been a busy month-sorry), I thought I'd share this Dr Marten's video titled 'First and Forever':

...very Heritage in my opinion.