Woven Labels


{images via Google & Tumblr}

I've been viewing a lot of designer woven labels lately to see the standard and how I'd like to do my own. I'm over complicating things all because I can't commit to a design; all I need is my name/label name on it and to decide what type of fold i'd like:

too much choice

I have managed to whittle it down to two fold's, and I've decided on the font I want, but I'm still undecided as to whether I want a black or white label, my logo included on it etc... So all I've got to do is make a decision and shop around for some prices and when they're done I'll post them up.
*sidebar* I don't think I will be doing any more D.I.Y's related to garments that are in my upcoming collection until after I've completed and photographed the collection and released the lookbook because a) it spoils the surprise and b) I can't be sure of who reads this blog.


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