So I'm still working on this collection, and here's another garment I've made.


I've made quite a few garments, but I want to use them as content for the blog which is why I've spread the posts out. I've used my coverstitch machine to double topstitch the hem, neckline and armholes. However, there's something wrong with either the machine or my ability to thread it up and it keeps skipping which is why if you look closely at the picture on the right there's loose thread where it's jumped a couple of stitches.
I also can't topstitch straight when it comes to jersey but I'm planning on remaking this and I will probably just incorporate facings to keep the edges neat.

If you're wondering why it looks so creased, it's because after it was used, I threw it in a corner then remembered later on in the day to photograph it. Of course I was too lazy to iron it, but you can tell it's a dress right?

I actually dislike sewing, but I enjoy watching people do it and make it look so effortless. I've spent the best part of today watching 'Signe Chanel' (it's on Youtube) and it's motivated me enough to get back to sewing tomorrow.


  1. That dress is looking good !! Good luck finishing it :)
    I wish i cud sew as well...

  2. this is gorgeous! hope you finish it.

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