Let's Get Married

kate moss

If you know me, you know that weddings did not interest me AT ALL, but 2011 has been a weird year with all kinds of weird, and wonderful happening so I'm not even fazed by my sudden interest in tying the knot.

First, seeing Kate Middleton in her wedding dress gives me the urge to get married and for the first time I actually thought of what I would wear if I ever do get married, and now seeing Kate Moss's wedding pictures in the September issue of Vogue has me looking weddings differently.Photobucket
I still think a lot of weddings are boring and samey (some are just plain tacky) and I wish people would try to inject more character into their nuptial's. Kate Moss's wedding had personality; it was rock & roll in an understated way and the way we look at Mick & Bianca Jagger's wedding is the same we will be looking at Kate Moss and Jamie Hince's wedding in a few years time.

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