Baroque Prints

I tend not to get too excited about these designer + high street collaborations as they tend to not turn out the way I expect them to, but when I heard H&M and Versace were collaborating on a collection that is due to come out later on this year, I began to conjure up images in my head of what said collection would look like.


Every season, I await a Versace collection that will feature Gianni Versace’s classic prints but it never comes. I never buy from these designer + high street collections because you have to wake up early to either buy online or queue early in the morning outside the store which I just can’t do and I’m yet to see a collabo that’s worth me doing so. However, I’m hoping that this collaboration will feature those iconic prints making it the very first time I buy anything from designer + high street collection.

So why do I love the Gianni Versace prints? I throw the word ‘nostalgia’ about a lot on this blog I feel, but the print does remind me of when I was younger; when I started taking notice of fashion and it is part of my early fashion memories. The Medusa logo takes me back to my primary schooling when I first read Greek Mythology and the wild baroque prints denote opulence.

Now this collaboration most probably will not be the way I would like it to be (and why should it? Gianni was Donatella’s brother. She knows what the logo’s and prints meant to him) however, I know by spring summer next year, there will be an item of clothing that will somehow represent what I would expect to see.


At Men’s fashion week, the D&G S/S12 collection featured denim and curlicue prints. The collections at MFW usually indicate what we will be seeing for womenswear collections in September so I’m excited to see how this translates into D&G womenswear, and fingers crossed it filters down to the high street. What would be even better would be if I find baroque fabric then I can make EXACTLY what I want…


Speaking of baroque fabric, I'm seriously considering going into print design.

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