{Art} Patrick Nagel

Patrick Nagel was an American artist whose style was influenced by Art Deco. His style of simplifying and removing unnecessary elements made his work stand out and also resulted in his style being replicated for the now infamous(?) beauty salon posters.
nails beauty shop signs

People often call the beauty salon knock off's cheap and tacky, and I suppose they are, but I love them. They make me feel nostalgic. So many memories come flooding back when I see both the knock off's and the works of Nagel-one of them being watching Robert Palmer's 'Addicted To Love' video and being in complete awe of the Palmer Girls. His work also still looks current, and I love how fashion appears to play such a big role in his work-whether that was intentional or not.
Seeing Nagel's work make me really want to start painting again. I haven't put brush to canvas in over 2yrs ( a long time for a creative like me) but I've now got the urge to recreate a Nagel inspired piece.

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